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Comments From Our Students

Ann's Driving School
“Thank you so much for helping me achieve something I’ve been wanting for so long. I’ve always wondered what it would be like to have the total freedom to just go where you want. This is a really important day for me.”
K.S., age 32
“Judy, you’re a lifesaver. Thanks for teaching me to drive when no one else could.”
Dan, age 35
"I spent 65 years convinced I could never drive. Now through Judy's patient diligent instruction and encouragement, I am a capable and responsible driver. Judy doesn't just teach people how to pass a test, she teaches people how to drive."
Donna P., age 65
“I never thought I could drive, much less pass the test! Thanks for my freedom.”
M.A. age 29
“Thanks for helping me accomplish this very important goal in my life. You made it a lot of fun to learn.”
Ivan, age 31
“Almost fearless now thanks to you!”
M.M. age 40
“Thanks so much for giving me the push to do it.”
Dee, age 37
“Wonderful! Thank you so much, not just getting me the driving license, but for bringing me to a
new stage in my life.”

Carol, age 39
"After many hours of patience and practice and positive support, I'm finally feeling confident about my driving. I could not have done this on my own ... friends and family just don't understand."
M. Y., age 44
"A terrible driving tragedy left me terrified of driving. I hated to even think of driving again. Finally, I have experienced fun and joy and a new freedom. It's a new life!"
Ellie S., age 50
"I've been diagnosed with panic disorder. I had never attempted to learn to drive because of my fear. But I'm finding this is more than driving, it's a lot of therapy."
B. R., age 51

Caroline's Story

"Thanks so much for today! I really wanted to show you how far I have come - with your help! thought I would be nervous, but you know what... I wasn't! And then I remembered that I never was nervous or anxious during our lessons together either!

My husband Stephen was right a few years ago: He started suspecting that after all these years of not driving, I kind of wanted to drive but didn't really know where and how to start anymore. All that time I'd been getting by perfectly alright without that skill. All my friends knew and no one commented on it; on the contrary everyone was always very accommodating.

So then Stephen found, and made the i contact with, you and in June 2003, on my 39th birthday, presented me with an envelop with information on you and your driving school. It took me till October to muster the courage to go and do the written DMV test and in November that year I had my first lesson with you.

Your teaching style is brilliant: positive support and encouragement; no pressure, never a raised or worried note in your voice (or eyebrow for that matter); really well-paced personally tailored lessons: you never asked me to do anything I didn't feel comfortable with, but you did get me to do things you knew I could do (if this makes sense!)... like driving on the 208 and then the 101! You made me believe and then realize that I could do this driving-thing!

On Jan 27th 2004 I got my Californian Driver's Licence. Woohoo! Things still went slow from there; we have this big SUV (well... it always felt big and heavy to me) and I wasn't all that confident with it. And now..... in Feb 2006.... since 2 weeks I have my own cute Mini and I love it! And what's more: I love driving it!!!!! So Judy, all I can really say is a heartfelt 'thanks'. This is going to change my life. It already has."

Caroline D.

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