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Afraid to drive?

Author Diane Conway shares some of her experiences with Ann's Driving
School in her book,What Would You Do If You Had No Fear?.
Karen found Judy. a driving instructor whose specialty was teaching phobic people to get in the driver's seat and stay there. Karen says, "Judy's approach was brilliant in its simplicity. She was calmness personified. She only gave positive feedback. No matter how many rules of the road I broke. she was encouraging: 'You're doing great! Good job, I can see you've been practicing.'"
During the months that Karen was learning to navigate the highways and byways. a newspaper reporter was also taking driving lessons. The reporter interviewed some of Judy's students and wrote a wonderful story that highlighted Judy's remarkable teaching abilities. Karen passed her driving test after only two trips to the Department of Motor Vehicles.
Copyright 2004, Diane Conway, Used with permission.

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